Available options when you receive either a (CIVIL) SHOW CAUSE SUMMONS or CAPIAS

A (Civil) Show Cause Summons and Capias are both post judgment proceedings to compel you to answer questions about your assets and ability to pay the judgment awarded in favor of the association against you. These proceedings also require you to explain why you failed to appear to answer these questions when you were previously served with the Summons to Answer Interrogatories. If you (1) fail to pay the judgment in full or (2) fail to completely answer all questions on or before the Interrogatory court date AND you fail to appear in court on the Interrogatory court date, then a (Civil) Show Cause Summons or Capias will be issued against you with a new court date. Any additional costs to issue a (Civil) Show Cause Summons or Capias will be added to your total account balance. 

Your options upon receipt of either a (Civil) Show Cause Summons or Capias: